Saturday, 7 January 2012

A week of Weeks!!!

The week before Christmas I took part in four craft fairs in one week.  I did not get a chance to blog about this at the time as I then went straight into 5th Birthday party organising for tiny2 & Christmas prep for my family; making Christmas presents and baking.  After baking a mountain of mince pies and the general madness of that time of year I have finally had a moment to sit down and write about my week of weeks!
      Well it was a week of weeks, one week four craft markets to sell at.  What did I learn from   this week:- many things; firstly my hubby seems to think sewing is a form of alchemy he has no understanding of what I do or how it is made.  Secondly I was amazed at how pleased I was if someone I didn't know brought something off me and said how nice it looked and how they liked my choice of fabrics and products.  Thirdly I found that parents at preschool/school events do not feel comfortable buying off other parents, they seem to be more comfortable buying off totally strangers then someone they meet at school everyday.  May be they are concerned about being judged?  Who knows!  This is something I noticed happening not just at my stall but at other fellow parents stalls.    And finally people will say the strangest things.  One comment I remember someone saying was "It looks so real!"  As if something made by someone at home at not in a factory is not real, I assure you readers my products are real and I take a long time to perfect the patterns and products.  I am also amazed at the amount of people that would look at my items and say "Oh that's an idea, I think I will copy that idea! Clever you!"  And then either tell me what they are going to do or walk off to the next stall.
One of the mayor things I did learn was don't sew late into the night.  I don't care to count the number of pins I knocked on the floor or the amount of times I stuck a pin in my finger.  Luckily everything was pre cut so no costly fabric mistakes where made.  Will I do four fairs in one week again ....... possibly with a lot more planning and time to prepare. 
Now on to planning products for 2012.  January is going to be the month for planning and prototype production for sewlovecraft.  So watch this space!

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