Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Why did I start "sewlovecraft"? 

It's all rather simple really; I like to craft and I wanted to be able to work from home.  So I'm starting my own crafting business after years of making presents for family and friends, it was a obvious choice really.
Next came a brain storming on what I wanted to make, then came the realisation I'm only one person and I can only make so much in the time between school runs, being a mum and housework.  I have lots of ideas for products, so watch this space in the new year to see what I make.
Right so I now have a business plan, ideas for products to make, all I needed was a name.  One no one else had, one that gave you an idea what to expect from me and one that was not used on facebook, twitter or the web.  After much deliberating and driving everyone around me a little insane I (we) came up with "sewlovecraft".  Next step was the computer work, setting up email, facebook, twitter, blog accounts and a Folksy shop.
Finally I got to buy some fantastic fabrics from the www.schoolofcraft.co.uk fabric sale and then I started to make patterns and cut out tote bags, bunting, pencil case rolls and crayon rolls to name but a few items I make and at last I got to sit down at my sewing machine and sew. 
I'm not only supplying my folksy shop, but also going on the road and attending several local Christmas fairs. 

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  1. Hey! Welcome to the blogger-sphere!

    Will catch you at one of your (many) upcoming fairs :0)