Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dreams can come true

For some time now I have want a Radio Wagon, for those not in the know this is a pull long red truck (the little red one you sometimes see on American films pulled by children). Why would a grown woman want a children truck do I hear you shout...... because I was bored of pushing a buggy, after nearly eight years and three children it has been time to say “goodbye” to our much love and used Phil & Ted.  Don’t get me wrong now, a Phil & Ted is an excellent buggy.  I have pushed and pulled our Phil & Ted over snow, mud, forest walks, sand, Chisel beach and many a Norfolk pebble beach, no terrain has ever defeated our beloved buggy no matter how many children where in it or how much stuff was hanging off it.  It was just time for a change.  A radio wagon could be filled with children, picnics and seaside paraphernalia.   Now here’s the problem – they are not cheap to buy over here as they are American and have to be imported, when you can find a retail outlet that imports them.  Many times over the years I have saved enough money to buy one, then instead of buying the Radio Wagon I’ve had to buy new shoes for the children or get a kitchen appliance repaired, something has always need to be purchased that has taken priority over the wagon.  Then one day a good friend of mine posted on her facebook page that a friend of hers was selling one.  A quick text was sent to find out the price, which was do able and a radio wagon was mine..... sorry the children says it ours, it’s a sharing thing mummy.  So off we went for a lovely lunch and forest walk with friends to collect it and try it out.



As you can see it is loved not just by me (school runs for us means; three children, three book bags, three lunch boxes and on a Friday one violin).  We get many an admiring glance from other people on the way to school or in the park.  I have even been asked by other mums and grannies what is it called and where they can buy one from as their children now wants one.  I have even been approached by a local mum who was brought up in the states as a child, who was amazed I had one and explain she has fond memories of pulling her siblings along in one.

So yes dreams can come true, you just have to be patient sometimes.


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bringing the seaside in land

A few weeks ago I had a mad hour in my workshop making lots of napkins for the tinies to use, as I was fed up with the amount I spent on wipes for their faces.  The tinies now like using their napkins and I have enjoyed spending less on wipes.  Now I have a new problem, I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to find a tidy storage solution for the napkins, after trying out many different ideas from bowls to baskets etc none look right in our breakfast room.  Then one day when I was hunting down the buckets & spades to pack in readiness for our family holiday I thought why not bring a bit of the seaside in land and after a quick interweb search I found just what I was looking for a mini castle beach bucket.

Now we have a fun yet tidy table.