Friday, 26 February 2016

Sounds Words Voices

Sounds             Words                Voices

This morning after the fourth night of no sleep, I was led in bed thinking about what needed to be done today, before getting out of bed; when I heard tiny3 come up the stairs singing the theme tune to Postman Pat.  This probably would make some sleep deprived mothers a little peaked, after all tiny3 was singing at the top of his voice and it was early in the morning.  To me tiny3’s singing was the best sound in the world, as it was only three years ago tiny3 was none verbal.  It has been three years of hard work, many speech therapy appointments (and more in the future, as he is 7yrs old school, and speaks in the age range of a 4/5-year-old).

I’m so proud of tiny3 who has autism, he works so hard at school, at remembering all the social rules that don’t come naturally to him, learning new words every day, being a happy fun loving mischievous boy

Thank you tiny3 for being you and please keep on singing.

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